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Friday, 24 February 2017 21:19


An html5 open source dashboard framework. It's a mature solution with many features and well documented. Here the main features:

Complete set of dashboard elements
Includes all the components that you need to build dashboards in a single package.

Light and Fast
Built with mobile devices in mind, RazorFlow Dashboard Framework is engineered for the fastest load times.

Full-featured charting
Supports Industry-Standard Column, Pie, Bar, Line charts and more.

Real-time updates
Dashboards can be updated in real-time without having to reload the page, and are compatible with web sockets.

Powerful theme-builder
The theme-builder allows you to change the look of your dashboard in just a few clicks.

Built for touch
All dashboards work great on touch devices like smartphones and tablets, with no extra work.

Server-side wrappers
Build complete interactive dashboards in PHP with no JavaScript or HTML coding required.

Embed and integrate
Embed dashboards into existing pages and web applications, and integrate fully using a JavaScript API.

Razorflow has a well-designed set of APIs to build your first HTML5 dashboard in under an hour, which works across platforms and devices. A comprehensive documentation, pre-build dashboards and an extensive feature gallery help you get started fast.
More details here. The source code can be downloaded for free here.
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Friday, 24 February 2017 16:35

A project to follow

Data Ninja just published on Codecanyon a very interesting collaborative platform for dashboard creation and sharing. Some features:

  • Multi tenant – users can set up private account with secure login and password
  • Collaboration functionality – invite others by email to collaborate on charts and dashboards
  • “My Dashboards” panel – displays all dashboards you develop and maintain and those that you are collaborating on
  • Brand new enhanced menu that has thumbnail display of collaborators

More informations available here. The product demo is here.
You can start to build your own dashboard.
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