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Tuesday, 21 January 2020 10:05

Ananas Analytics Desktop

Ananas Analytics is a data analytics desktop application, built for non-technical users, but also very useful for skilled users. It keeps the technical barriers very low, by providing a visual interface to build ETL and data analysis that usually requires the expertise of data engineering.

Extracting, transforming, join, concatenate data and loading to a wide range of data source can be easy for non-technical users.

On the other side, Ananas Analytics Desktop is an open source project, provides the possibilities for engineers to customize the code, add new functionalities to adapt non-technical users' special use cases. It also provides several development tools to help engineers build, test, deploy, and run traditional data ETL systems easily.

Some key Features:
offline mode: run analysis jobs on your own computer, without internet connection;
query, transform and analyze with standard SQL, also for non relational database;
support both structured and unstructured data;
minimal knowledge required for Simple SQL;
explore data with built-in charts. Easy to use chart configuration;
execute your job with your existing data platform: Spark, Flink, Google Dataflow. etc.;
privacy and security: data is processed on your computer or your infrastructure.

More information here:
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