Today, organizations are similar to the most luxurious sports cars: very fast, precise, yet hard to drive without a control panel informing you in real-time something is wrong.

Sometimes a red light flashing can save a life. An alert on a business dashboard can do the same for your company.

Management control systems help people at any level in the organizations to reach their strategic goals. Frêney can help private and public organizations to define their management control system, starting from the model concept.

We can offer turnkey solutions and fully functional systems, with a special attention to every detail leading to a successful project: training, technology, organization, skills, data protection and management, etc...

A functional management control system is a perfect mix of different ingredients and Frêney can help your organization recognize what is necessary to support correct business decisions at any level, including:
Design and test of the management control model
Support for software selection to find the right solution
Training from top management, to controllers and CFO's
Cost accounting models: full, direct and activity based costing
Cost reduction plans
Cash flow management
Budgeting, planning and variance analysis
Corporate reporting models
Scorecards and dashboards
Key performance indicators
Reporting for investors
Pricing models
Products, services and projects cost models
Temporary management for controllers
Financial department organization analysis

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