Today, the web is the most affordable tool to share information and knowledge in real-time. We select the best open source solutions for business intelligence, reporting, content management, web applications, etc...

The web is our playground. We created our first website in 1998 and we continued to design portals, intranet, e-commerce and much more. We consider the web related technologies the best tool to support the delivery of information and knowledge sharing inside and outside the organization. You may need to create your first website, implement a complex portal, a dashboard server or an e-commerce shop.

You are now in the right place. Frêney can help you acquire your web strategies, selecting and testing the most advanced technologies for you, with special attention to "value for money". We think that in many cases, the right solution is open source, and the client doesn't need to buy any license. We can deliver the right web solution for every organization.
Dashboard and report server
Business intelligence server
Content management software
Web marketing
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Hosting and housing services on our servers
Database management
Responsive web design for websites and portals
E-commerce platforms
Blogs and forums
System integrations
Document management and file sharing platforms
Training for content managers and web developers
Web server installation and configuration
On-line time trackers and time sheets
Web-oriented business strategies

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